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SFI White Paper on «Sustainable Finance in Switzerland: Where Do We Stand?»

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Swiss Finance Institute
Monday, September 26, 2016 - 15:00

Sustainable finance has been gaining attention both within Switzerland and globally in recent years. Does this mean that sustainable finance is now on the agenda of mainstream finance circles or is it still a niche?


In our new SFI White Paper, Dr. Annette Krauss (University of Zurich), Prof. Philipp Krüger (Swiss Finance Institute & University of Geneva), and Dr. Julia Meyer (University of Zurich) take stock of sustainable finance in Switzerland. Their analysis reveals that Switzerland is currently not an international leader in the sustainable finance world. A review of Swiss financial market players reports increasing demand from clients but also shows that commonly perceived barriers such as knowledge gaps, cultural and generational conflicts, and misconceptions regarding sustainable finance hinder the more widespread adoption of this approach. Moreover, more high-level endorsement, leadership, and decisive action are required if Switzerland’s financial sector is to avoid falling behind in international comparisons.


For more information access the SFI White Paper or the Press Release. Visit the SFI Knowledge Portal for further SFI publications.