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Swiss Banking School Certification

In collaboration with the University of Zurich and CYP Association, Swiss Finance Institute has launched an inclusive offering – available in four languages – to prepare individuals for certification as client advisors by the Swiss Association for Quality (SAQ) under the ISO standard 17024. For more information please visit

Smart and inclusive offering

We offer banks as well as participants a single point of contact and provide end-to-end administration services. Using a web-based portal, the institutions manage assessments, coached distance learning and the registration processes for exams and optional on-site sessions. The offering builds on the latest learning methodologies and platforms, allowing customers to choose their ease-of-use devices while delivering a well-controlled learning environment. Depending on learning gaps and preferences, users can select and combine digital and classroom settings. The reporting of progress and achievements respects the requirements both of the client institute and of the appropriate regulatory authorities. This course is available in German, French, Italian, or English. For further information please visit the Swiss Banking School Certification Portal.

Integrated professional education

The entire learning approach is completely modularized and need-based along the assessed knowledge gaps. For banks, this provides numerous opportunities to add company-specific training modules and components delivered via the same online learning portal. It is also possible for banks to add individual modules and provide customized training courses, such as cross-border courses in wealth management. Participants in our program can earn credits (ECTS) that are transferable to further education programs, such as the Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) in Wealth Management offered by the University of Zurich. Recertification in all profiles can be obtained by assisting to one of the below listed courses:

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