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Hansjörg Albrecher
SFI Faculty Member
Professor of Actuarial Science
Hansjörg Albrecher is Professor of Actuarial Science at the University of Lausanne and has been an SFI Faculty Member since 2010. Prof. Albrecher is a regular speaker at leading conferences on insurance. He has published extensively and also serves on the editorial boards of the top academic journals in his areas of research expertise.
Research Interests:
His research focuses on the quantitative aspects of insurance and risk management.
Recent Research:
Among his recent studies, Prof. Albrecher focuses on alternative means of risk sharing, including reinsurance contracts that contain randomized features. Adding an artificial random component in the settlement procedure for the degree of the reinsurer's participation in the claim payment allows to exploit diversification possibilities to a larger extent, dropping necessary premium levels, and also mitigates moral hazard problems that exist for more traditional reinsurance forms.