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Behavioral Finance Projects

Title: An Individual-Level Analysis of Financial Decision-Making: Evidence from Real-World Gambling Decisions 
Project Leader:
Prof. Angie Andrikogiannopoulou (University of Geneva)

Using a unique data set on online sports betting, this project sets out to examine whether and why risk preferences vary over time.

Title: Sentiment and Risk in Financial Markets 
Project Leader:
Prof. Giovanni Barone Adesi (University of Lugano)

The goal of this project is to measure investor sentiment – optimism and overconfidence in particular – and to model its evolution through time. It also aims to study the implications of optimism and overconfidence for asset management.

Title: Contagious Defaults in Credit Markets - an Experimental Analysis 
Project Leader:
Prof. Martin Brown (University of St.Gallen)

This project aims to understand, through experimental evidence, whether mortgage defaults are predominantly driven by inability to repay or by strategic behavior. It also studies the role of social norms in containing strategic default.