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Frequently Asked Questions

How many students apply and how many are admitted to the program?

Approximately twenty students are admitted every year. The admission rate is close to 10%.

Is an MBA considered as being equivalent with required MSc in Finance or Economics?

Typically MBA curriculums are more general in nature and are not considered equivalent to an MSc in Finance or Economics. An MBA degree with a highly quantitative background from one of the world’s top universities may be considered equivalent.

Is the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) required for the program?

GMAT is not required for the program, however any good GMAT or Graduate Record Examination score will be noted and may increase your chance of admission to our PhD program.

Is there financial aid available for PhD candidates?

The students selected for the first phase receive a scholarship of CHF 30’000 per year which covers living expenses. Students admitted to the second phase will take a position as an assistant at the local university.

Can I work during the PhD program?

Since the courses in the first phase are very intensive and the students receive financial aid, students concentrate completely on their studies. During the second phase students typically become an integrated part of the research projects carried out at one of the various institutes involved and work within this project as a research or teaching assistant.

What are the working conditions?

The working language of Swiss Finance Institute PhD Program in Finance is English. Swiss Finance Institute PhD students are provided offices from the first year of the program on. They also benefit from a wide range of first-class university facilities - library, computers, sports facilities, etc..- provided by the partner institutions.

How high it the application fee?

The application fee is of USD 80 to apply to one campus, USD 100 to apply to two campuses, and USD 120 to apply to three campuses.