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Kjell G. Nyborg
SFI Senior Chair
Professor of Finance
  +41 44 634 29 80

Kjell Nyborg is Full Professor of Finance at the University of Zurich and has held an SFI Senior Chair since 2009. He graduated from Stanford University with a PhD in Finance. Prof. Nyborg has published extensively in his areas of expertise and has spent research periods at the European Central Bank, the Deutsche Bundesbank, the Bank of Norway, and Stanford University.

Research Interests:
His research interests include valuation, liquidity, collateral, money markets, banking and central banking, and corporate finance.
Recent Research:
In recent research, Prof. Nyborg investigates the opaque structure at the heart of central banking, the money creation process, and monetary policy – namely, central banks’ collateral frameworks. He focuses specifically on the euro case and sheds new light on its collateral policy, the architecture and politics of its money, and the euro crisis. His analysis shows how central banks conduct and implement monetary policy beyond merely setting interest rates, and how central banks’ collateral policies may affect financial markets, financial stability, and the real economy. A broad spectrum of policy recommendations are put forward with valuable implications for both monetary and financial economists.