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Mentor a Master’s thesis on a question of interest to you, or employ an intern. Finance students from our academic partner institutions are looking for opportunities now! Submit your proposal for a collaborative project now to and we will match you up with the right Finance students.

Connect with Master’s and PhD students from our six academic partner institutions across Switzerland through our SFI Knowledge Catalyst program. The goal of the program is to bring academic expertise to corporate partners while allowing students to gain important insights from, and apply their learning to, real industrial situations through a fruitful exchange of knowledge in the following ways:

Research projects

The corporate partner defines the research question and the scope of the project that is to be assigned to a student. Study and analysis are conducted as part of a research paper, such as a Master’s thesis, and the results and recommendations are presented to the company. Students may work part-time for the company for the duration of the study or manage the project by themselves while receiving coaching from the corporate partner.

Field projects

A team of up to six Master’s students from the University of Lugano conducts a consultancy project for a corporate partner. The project always starts in February and after four months the student team presents its findings to the corporate partner. The projects are supervised by an SFI professor, who provides students with guidelines and ensures that the project is on track and aligned with the corporate partner’s expectations.


Students are employed as interns. They may work full- or part-time for the company, eventually in combination with a research project such as their Master’s thesis. Workload, schedule, and conditions are negotiated between the company and the student.

Are you a finance practitioner looking for smart students to support you? Submit your request directly to Ms Désirée Spörndli,

More Information & Conditions

Read how corporate partners like you have benefited from working with students and take a look at the results that have been achieved through this exchange of knowledge.


Impact Story: Swisscanto Invest by Zürcher Kantonalbank

A Dynamic Solution

Swisscanto Invest by Zürcher Kantonalbank had a project that had been waiting in the wings for some time. When they enlisted the help of Master’s degree student...


Impact Story: Credit Suisse AG

Discover how Credit Suisse AG found a talented student who supported its business and will go on to join its Career Starter program.

Impact Story: UBS Wealth Management & Swiss Bank

Realizing Double Profits

Bekim Hotnjani was looking for a practical approach to his Master’s thesis. Never in his wildest dreams would he have imagined that the biggest Swiss bank would put his thesis into practice.

Impact Story: OLZ & Partners Asset and Liability Management AG

Leveraging Academic Expertise

Switzerland has a worldwide reputation when it comes to private banking. The challenges currently facing the industry and demanding investors are shifting the focus...

Impact Story: Zurich Insurance Company

Learn how the findings of Master's theses enabled Zurich Insurance to commission new software that is expected to save over 50% of their team's IT operating expenses.


The terms and conditions of each project are negotiated between the student and the company. Corporate partners are charged a fee by Swiss Finance Institute for each student successfully placed with the company. However, field projects are free of charge.

Academic Partner Institutions

The Master’s and PhD students who participate in the SFI Knowledge Catalyst program belong to one of our academic partner institutions and are supervised by an SFI professor.

Disclaimer SFI Knowledge Catalyst

Disclaimer SFI Knowledge Catalyst

Neither SFI nor any of its academic partners assumes any responsibility with regards to the selection process and a successful collaboration between a student or a team of students and an corporate partner. In particular, neither SFI nor any of its academic partners promises any student an opportunity for a master’s thesis project or a satisfactory final grade for such a thesis.

Equally, neither SFI nor any of its academic partners promises any corporate partner that a student’s master’s thesis or a student team’s field project will fulfill any criteria or satisfy any goals set out at the beginning of or during the collaborative process. Moreover, neither SFI nor any of its academic partners assumes any responsibility with regards to obtaining an internship for any student with a corporate partner.