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Marius Boesch
Marius Boesch Trainings
Marius Boesch used to be a (semi-professional and) professional ice hockey player (goalie) in Switzerland and played for various Swiss Hockey League during 16 years. Early on in his career, he learnt to deal with different topics such as performing under pressure and achieving goals, Mental strengths and the power of “inner pictures”, Group and team dynamics and working in high performance teams, cooperation and teamwork, leadership styles and their influence on the team performance, communication, non-verbal and verbal feedback, conflict resolution communication, media, public speaking, effect of emotions on body and mind. Since 2004 Marius is Entrepreneur and Owner of Marius Boesch Trainings and offers trainings and coaching for Leadership, leading change, building winning teams, sales and negotiation as well as motivation and mental strenghts.