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Prof. Dr. Christopher Culp
SFI Adjunct Professor, University of Chicago
Christopher Culp is a Research Fellow at the Johns Hopkins Institute for Applied Economics, a Swiss Finance Institute Adjunct Professor since 2015, and an Adjunct Professor in the Institut für Finanzmanagement at Universität Bern. He was an Adjunct Professor of Finance at The University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business from 1998–2013, from which he also received his PhD in Finance. His research specializations include (re-)insurance, risk management, derivatives, and structured finance, and he has written four books, co-edited two books (one with Merton Miller and the other with William Niskanen), and authored numerous articles on these topics. As a Senior Advisor with Compass Lexecon (Chicago) and Managing Director of RMCS, Inc. (Chicago), he also regularly provides advisory consulting services and testimonial expertise in these same subject areas.