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Philippe Bacchetta, SFI@UNIL, Speaks about Monetary Policy and Lessons to be Learned From the CHF/EUR PEG

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Swiss Finance Institute
Thursday, June 22, 2017 - 12:45

Philippe Bacchetta, SFI@UNIL, was keynote speaker at a recent lecture organized by the Czech think tank IDEA (Institute for Democracy & Economic Analysis) and the Swiss Embassy in Prague. Prof. Bacchetta spoke about exchange rate as a monetary policy instrument: the insights that can be drawn from the theory and what has been learned from the empirical experience of Switzerland and elsewhere. The panel then went on to discuss similarities between the CHF/EUR and the Czech Koruna/EUR pegs and learnings since they were removed.  

IDEA is a think-tank of the Economics Institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences focusing on policy-relevant research and recommendations. The lecture was followed by a panel discussion led by Jan Svejnar, Director of IDEA with panel members Tomas Holub, Director, Monetary Department of the Czech National Bank, Jaromir Hurnik, OG Research, and Philippe Bacchetta.

View the full lecture, presentations and panel discussion here.

Listen to Prof. Bacchetta speak about monetary policy and the “Zero Lower Bound” and the CHF/EUR peg in a recent interview with SFI.