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The Importance of Research for the Swiss Financial Industry

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Swiss Finance Institute
Friday, June 2, 2017 - 08:00

The Importance of Research for the Swiss Financial Industry

Our managing director, Professor François Degeorge, explains the importance of research for our institute and the Swiss financial center in an interview with MarketPlus. 

Switzerland ranks as number one in the world in innovation. Innovation is the source of our prosperity and we must nurture it. Building on the same metaphor: our granaries are still very well stocked and currently provide us with more than enough grain. But if we just consume it, some day the granaries will be empty. Thus, we must use part of the grain as seed for cultivating new plants. And this is exactly what research centers like Swiss Finance Institute (SFI) do. They ensure our long-term prosperity and, in the end, increase the Swiss population’s quality of life.

Research is at the core of Swiss Finance Institute’s mission. Our goal is to achieve excellence in banking and finance research and continuing education. Fundamental research can be interpreted as planting a seed. Of course, this seed usually looks very different from the plant you are planning to cultivate out of it – or in other words, fundamental research in banking and finance is often not as easily accessible to practitioners as we would wish it to be. Thus, knowledge transfer into practice is essential for unfolding the value of academic research and growing the actual plant. SFI is very actively doing so, through our various university and continuing education activities, as well as through our industry-oriented events every year. One can indeed say that we grow knowledge capital, which is to be harvested by Swiss financial industry. This capital comes in the form of several hundred graduates from all levels of SFI education offerings – such as first degrees, the PhD program as well as continuing education – and several thousand participants in SFI industry events each year.

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