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SFI White Paper on «Corporate Governance: Beyond Best Practice»

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Swiss Finance Institute
Wednesday, December 7, 2016 - 12:00

Effective corporate governance requires an integrated view of the ‘governance cycle’, comprising shareholder participation, board composition, managerial compensation, and value reporting. In the most recent SFI White Paper, Corporate Governance: Beyond Best Practice, Professor Alexander Wagner (Swiss Finance Institute & University of Zurich), and Dr. Christoph Wenk Bernasconi (University of Zurich) provide such a framework. Building on an analysis of the state of Swiss corporate governance, they outline possible future developments and propose ideas regarding action points for the next Annual General Meeting (AGM) season and for the ongoing revision of the Swiss Code of Obligations.


 The key messages are:

  • Swiss issuers must actively engage with the increasingly influential international investors.
  • Issuers and investors should work together on a commonly supported Swiss code of accountable corporate governance. 
  • Policy makers are urged to avoid legislating ‘best practices’. 
  • Recent fashions in executive compensation, such as the use of performance shares, should be carefully examined.
  • Reporting on both financial and non-financial value drivers needs to improve. 

For more information access the SFI White Paper or the Press Release. Visit the SFI Knowledge Portal for previous SFI White Papers.