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Theodosios Dimopoulos
SFI Faculty Member
Assistant Professor of Finance

Theodosios Dimopoulos has been SFI Assistant Professor of Finance at the University of Lausanne since 2011. He obtained his PhD in Finance from London Business School with a dissertation on how the incentives that managers get (e. g. shares, options, bonuses) influence the decisions they take for their company. Prof. Dimopoulos has received several grants and awards during his studies in finance.

Research Interests:
His research interests lie in mergers and acquisitions, corporate finance, and corporate governance.
Recent Research:
In a recent paper, Prof. Dimopoulos and his co-author study how technological differences influence corporate investment. The paper’s main contribution lies in the fact that the authors’ modelling acknowledges differences, at the firm level, in the depreciation rate of capital, in the persistence and volatility of the productivity shock, in the marginal return to capital, and in adjustment costs. Empirical analysis of more than 1’000 US firms during the 1972–2006 period reveals the following results: average fixed adjustment costs represent 1.15 percent of the average firm’s capital and more than 80 percent of total adjustment costs. Further analysis also reveals that adjustment costs decline with firm size and are positively related to firm expenditures on M&A.