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Alexander Wagner
SFI Junior Chair
Associate Professor of Finance

Alexander Wagner is Associate Professor of Finance at the University of Zurich. He joined SFI in 2006 and has held an SFI Junior Chair since 2012. He obtained his PhD in Political Economy from Harvard University. His research in corporate finance, corporate governance, and behavioral economics has been published in leading academic journals. Professor Wagner is the chairman of Swipra, the Swiss proxy advisor, and an independent counsel for PwC. He is a regular speaker at conferences and on panel debates both in Switzerland and abroad.

Listen to Prof. Alexander Wagner speak about his research:

Research Interests:
His main research interests are executive compensation, corporate governance, and behavioral economics.
Recent Research:
In one of his most recent co-authored studies, Prof. Wagner studies the conditions under which financial engineering generates neglected risk. Issuers of structured products compensate both general issuer and issuer-product specific counterparty exposure when investor attention toward issuer default is high. Data that cover Swiss retail products between 2005 and 2010 suggest that, even with simple products, neglected risk does not dissipate when the size of the risk increases, but only when attention increases. The researchers further show that banks have a propensity to issue products with larger counterparty exposure, which is a crucial concern for the accumulation of neglected risk in the economy.