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Alexander Wagner
SFI Junior Chair
Associate Professor of Finance

Alexander Wagner is an Associate Professor of Finance at the University of Zurich. He joined SFI in 2006 and has held an SFI Junior Chair since 2012. He obtained his PhD in Political Economy from Harvard University. His research has been published in leading academic journals. Prof. Wagner is Chairman of the Swipra Foundation and an independent counsel for PwC. He is a regular speaker at conferences and panel debates both in Switzerland and abroad. His talk on "What really motivates people to be honest in business" was featured on

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Research Interests:
Corporate finance, corporate governance, corporate communication, behavioral economics and finance, and financial markets.
Recent Research:
In recent coauthored research, Professor Wagner shows how Donald Trump’s election affected stock markets. The surprise election shifted expectations: corporate taxes would be lower and trade policies more restrictive. Relative stock prices responded appropriately. High-tax firms gained, and domestically focused companies fared better than internationally oriented firms. Markets assessed the correct direction of relative price moves of individual stocks impressively quickly: the vast majority of stocks moved in the appropriate direction that day. However, given the extreme shock, iterations were required to get relative prices back to the right levels. Momentum persisted for several days and was followed by a brief reversal before prices settled. Overall, the analysis provides insights into the functioning of markets and the process of price adjustment.