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Philipp Krüger
SFI Junior Chair
Associate Professor of Responsible Finance

Philipp Krüger is Associate Professor of Finance at the University of Geneva and has held an SFI Junior Chair since 2015. He holds a PhD in Economics from the Toulouse School of Economics. Prof. Krüger is a regular speaker at leading finance conferences worldwide and his research has been published in top academic journals.

Listen to Prof. Philipp Krüger speak about his research.

Research Interests:
His primary research interests are sustainable and responsible finance, corporate finance, corporate governance, and behavioral finance.
Recent Research:
One of Prof. Krüger’s latest coauthored studies investigates investors’ and firms’ reactions to the unexpected currency shock that occurred in Switzerland in early 2015. When focusing on publicly listed companies, the researchers find large negative announcement returns for firms with significant currency exposure. Such firms announced an average five percent drop in returns compared to other Swiss firms, saw falls in terms of both sales and profitability, and experienced reductions in investment of eight percent, but only slightly reduced employment.