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Norman Schürhoff
SFI Senior Chair
Professor of Finance
Norman Schürhoff is Professor of Finance at the University of Lausanne. He joined SFI in 2006 and has held an SFI Senior Chair since 2010. He obtained his PhD in Financial Economics from Carnegie Mellon University. Prof. Schürhoff’s work has been published in the top academic journals in finance.
Research Interests:
His main research interests lie in corporate governance, capital structure dynamics, and bond market microstructure.
Recent Research:
Prof. Schürhoff and his coauthor are currently working on explaining why the Greek debt crisis has been a never-ending story by tackling the following questions: Why does Greek public debt keep rising beyond levels that rational models in the sovereign debt literature predict to be sustainable? Why does the IMF consistently underpredict the persistent slump in GDP? And what would be an optimal resolution to the ongoing crisis?