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Industry-oriented publications for practitioners and new research insights for academics—all in one place.

SFI makes its researchers’ findings and ideas available to practitioners and academics via a number of channels.

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Academic Publications
Peer-reviewed publications in finance and economic journals.
Working Papers

SFI Research Paper Series hosts the latest research ideas from SFI. These papers are in progress, under submission or forthcoming.

Books authored by SFI faculty for academic and business purposes.
SFI White Papers

Industry-oriented studies on matters of relevance to the Swiss banking and finance community.

Practitioner Roundups

The latest SFI research findings for practitioners—in a nutshell.

Finanzlexikon Videos

Wichtige Finanzbegriffe in Videoclips einfach, unterhaltsam und kurz erklärt.

Knowledge Portal

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The result of the Brexit referendum could have been predicted once only a little over 5 percent of the results...
The March edition of SFI’s Practitioner Roundups revealed how the election of Donald Trump affected the US stock...