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Swiss Finance Institute acts as a vital catalyst between academia and the financial services industry.

Swiss Finance Inistitute actively promotes and supports dialogue, information flow, collaboration, and industry-oriented research to strengthen the Swiss financial marketplace. The institute plays an active intermediary role in gathering and disseminating financial knowledge, helping find solutions to current problems, and identifying new trends in banking and finance.

Read how stakeholders like you have benefited from our work and learn about the results that have been achieved.


Impact Story: Swisscanto Invest by Zürcher Kantonalbank

A Dynamic Solution

Swisscanto Invest by Zürcher Kantonalbank had a project that had been waiting in the wings for some time. When they enlisted the help of Master’s degree student...


Impact Story: Manufacturing

Read how manufacturers have benefited from academic insight and learn how supply-chain managers can work with demand volatility to improve companies' profitability and competitiveness

Impact Story: Credit Suisse AG

Discover how Credit Suisse AG found a talented student who supported its business and will go on to join its Career Starter program.

Impact Story: UBS Wealth Management & Swiss Bank

Realizing Double Profits

Bekim Hotnjani was looking for a practical approach to his Master’s thesis. Never in his wildest dreams would he have imagined that the biggest Swiss bank would put his thesis into practice.

Impact Story: OLZ & Partners Asset and Liability Management AG

Leveraging Academic Expertise

Switzerland has a worldwide reputation when it comes to private banking. The challenges currently facing the industry and demanding investors are shifting the focus...

Impact Story: Zurich Insurance Company

Learn how the findings of Master's theses enabled Zurich Insurance to commission new software that is expected to save over 50% of their team's IT operating expenses.

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