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Swiss Cross-Border Wealth Management Academy

Swiss Finance Institute (SFI) and Centro di Studi Bancari (CSB) created the Swiss Cross-Border Wealth Management (SCBWM) Academy in order to respond to the needs of different professional profiles. Please click on the links below to get more information on the specific programs (you will redirected to the SCBWM Academy website hosted by the Centro di Studi Bancari).

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To date, a total of 82 courses – 25 public courses and 57 tailor-made courses – have been held with the participation of 115 lecturers who have, between them, covered 12 countries. In the last four years, over 1,500 financial professionals from 90 financial institutions have been awarded the Swiss Cross-Border Wealth Management Certification.

In-house certifications

In addition to its open-enrolment course setup the Swiss Cross-Border Wealth Management Certification program is also offered in the form of company-specific in-house training. Based on the program structure, the purpose of such in-house training is to reach the overall certification level via tailor-made sessions. This company-specific training can be developed for any country, given an appropriate number of participants.

In order to address the aims of each company-specific training, detailed preparation takes place individually for each client institution: For more detailed information concerning these company-specific training opportunities, please contact us.