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SFI Frühstück Seminar mit Prof. Dr. Martin Eling / Prof. em. Dr. Walter Ackermann
Altersvorsorge in einer digitalen Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft
SFI Evening Seminar with Prof. Olivia S. Mitchell
Revisiting Retirement: An International Perspective
SFI Evening Seminar with Prof. Dr. Michael Mainelli
Blockchain: Myths, Facts and Fantasies

International Offerings

The operational demands on executives from ever-increasing national and international regulations are not expected to diminish soon. To be successful in the financial sector today, both profound professional qualifications and a large degree of social competence are required. SFI has adjusted its executive and custom programs to account for these new and complex requirements.

With its long-standing tradition in executive management education in banking and finance, SFI has broad experience as well as proven expertise and know-how at its disposal that contributes to its education programs.

The success of Swiss Finance Institute is based on a convincing approach: The deep and real connection between theory and practice with a focus on current trends in the financial industry. While renowned university professors lecture on research-based concepts, experienced practitioners present the current applications and developments of their everyday business.

The active exchange – a moderated dialogue – between the SFI faculty and its participants not only promotes knowledge and expertise, but also generates an additional value and allows participants to build sustainable networks.

Swiss Finance Institute measures its success on the progress of its graduates. The obligation that it enters into with its education offerings extends far beyond conveying useful learning content. It also fulfils this obligation with its alumni network. Graduates of Swiss Finance Institute support the institute after their training with presentations as well as first-hand reports on current trends and best practices.




International Wealth Management Retreat (IWMR)

The «International Wealth Management Retreat» (IWMR) is a platform for senior executives who want to better understand how to shape their business and who want to test their views against research findings and the experience of their peers.

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International Bank Management Program (IBMP)

The «SFI International Bank Management Program» provides finance industry executives with an integrated and systematic view of banking.  It is an 8 day intensive program consisting of two blocks of 4 days taking place in two consecutive weeks. 

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Managing International Asset Management Program (MIAM)

The «SFI Managing International Asset Management» program provides asset management executives and investment specialists with an integrated and systematic view of the current challenges of the Asset Management industry. The program brings together a dynamic international faculty, industry leaders, and peers.

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