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Swiss Finance Institute Alumni Association

The Swiss Finance Institute Alumni Association (SFIAA) maintains and enhances a highly engaged community of alumni in Switzerland and abroad.

The SFIAA was previously known as the Swiss Banking School’s Alumni Association. The Association was registered in the Swiss Register of Companies (Handelsregister) on 04 July 1991.

Our regular members include recipients of all graduates of the Executive MBA, Advanced Executive Program, SFI International Bank Management Program, SFI International Wealth Management Retreat (a C-Level Program), the SFI Doctoral Program and the Degree Programs jointly offered with the University Rochester-Bern.

The purpose of the SFIAA as stated in its Articles of Association (Statuten) is to promote the welfare of the Swiss Finance Institute and to establish a mutually beneficial relationship between the Swiss Finance Institute and its alumni. Networking and continuing education are the two pillars of our activities.

The Board of Directors (Vorstand) holds one Annual Meeting (Generalversammlung) each year in Zurich.

Events and Activities

SFIAA Zurich – Fondue Plausch

Thursday, January 25, 2018
Location:Le Dézaley, Römergasse 7-9, 8001 Zurich
Contact:For further information and registration please contact Marijana Gavric

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