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Our Initiative

As a world-leading financial centre, Switzerland has the ambition to house a world-leading research and training center in banking and finance. In pursuit of this ambition the Swiss Bankers Association (SBA) has invested in the creation of the Swiss Finance Institute, a foundation with the sole purpose of achieving excellence in banking and finance continuing education and research.

SFI’s global academic network and its proximity to the industry place it in a unique position from which to combine thought leadership and industry experience:

  • SFI attracts leading minds in finance research to Swiss universities, uniting outstanding professors and doctoral students to form Switzerland’s largest finance research group, making top research easily accessible to the industry.
  • Through its continuing education programs, SFI nurtures a highly qualified talent pool in banking and finance. From programs for industry ‘high-potentials’ and senior executives to doctoral training, SFI raises the level of financial competencies in Switzerland.
  • In an ongoing dialogue between experienced practitioners and researchers, SFI fosters interaction and stimulates thought leadership, which directly impact the future of finance.

Our Activities


Outstanding researchers contribute to the international research community by publishing at the highest level and by training doctoral students who go on to be hired by top academic institutions around the globe.

SFI professors, SFI students, and SFI graduates from across Switzerland work with the institute to form a strategic axis between universities and financial institutions while contributing to knowledge exchange on a global level. One of the top three finance institutes in Europe, SFI is ranked among prestigious universities and institutions worldwide in the field of financial research, giving the institute a truly global reputation.

SFI funds researchers across Switzerland. Academic experts from the SFI network conduct studies that support decision makers with scientific and applied analysis relevant to the industry.

SFI finances fundamental research projects in financial economics with funds granted by the Swiss State Secretariat for Education, Research, and Innovation (SERI), projects that are evaluated by an external scientific council composed of recognized experts. SFI researchers regularly publish their research findings in the most influential journals.

SFI also supports applied research and commissions white papers on topics of significant interest to the industry. 


In collaboration with SFI partner universities, SFI professors also train outstanding graduates through the SFI PhD program in finance – one of the largest and most competitive programs in the world. The program targets the pursuit of academic excellence and aims to provide rigorous and inspiring PhD training in finance with an intellectual environment and curriculum on a par with top PhD programs in Europe and North America. SFI students benefit from regular contact with outstanding local and international academics. SFI PhD graduates go on to work in top industry organizations or take up careers at outstanding academic institutions. 

Knowledge Transfer

By promoting information exchange, dialogue, and collaboration between financial institutions, industry associations, policy makers, and public institutions, SFI connects many market participants.

SFI performs an active intermediary role in gathering and disseminating financial knowledge, identifying new trends in the industry, and providing access to academic expertise in banking and finance.

To promote the dissemination of cutting-edge knowledge in a readily accessible manner, SFI offers specific, targeted, publicly available knowledge transfer activities, including seminars and one-day conferences that showcase new ideas and original solutions to both practitioners and academics.

SFI brings industry-oriented Master’s and PhD students from SFI academic partner institutions to companies. This allows students to gain important insights from, and apply their learning to, real industry situations during their course or thesis work while raising SFI researchers’ level of awareness of industry challenges. Likewise, industry partners can discuss pressing challenges and learn about the latest research findings with the added benefit of gaining privileged access to top talent. 

Continuing Education

For experienced practitioners and doctoral students alike, participants in SFI’s continuing education programs work with recognized experts, honing their financial skills and knowledge while expanding their networks.

SFI is one of the major European providers of continuing education in banking and finance, offering a wide variety of high-quality programs aligned with the needs of professionals. SFI’s extensive network allows participants to combine learning and insight from leading academics with the expertise of industry leaders. SFI offers a variety of open-enrolment courses as well as tailor-made, in-house seminars for a range of participant levels, from ‘high-potentials’ to senior executives. Every course exposes participants to the latest developments in the financial business, management, technology, and leadership conveying a unique blend of long-term principles with immediate applications.