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Upcoming Events

6th Swiss Asset Management Day
Digital Realities and Opportunities in Private Markets
SFI Frühstück Seminar mit Prof. em. Dr. Walter Ackermann
Altersvorsorge in einer digitalen Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft
SFI Evening Seminar with Prof. Olivia S. Mitchell
Revisiting Retirement: An International Perspective

To download the 2015 Activity Report, please click the link below.

Activity Report 2015 [PDF]

The 2015 Activity Report includes:

  • A Word from the Board
  • Swiss Finance Institute Faculty
  • Research Highlights
  • Research Projects
  • PhD Program in Finance
  • PhD Graduate Placements
  • Education
  • Knowledge Center
  • Knowledge Transfer Seminars
  • SFI 10th Annual Meeting
  • Governing and Advisory Bodies
  • Facts & Figures
  • Summary of Swiss Finance Institute Financial Accounts 2015
  • SFI Research Paper Series 2015
  • SFI Faculty Guide - Research
  • SFI Adjunct Professors
  • Overview of Courses Offered in 2015 at Swiss Finance Institute
  • Knowledge Transfer Events Provided by Swiss Finance Institute during 2015